Enviro Tech is located in the heart of California's Central Valley, about 80 miles east of San Francisco.

We originated in 1991 primarily serving the food processing industry, and have since shifted focus to developing new EPA and FDA regulated chemistries and novel solutions.

Our mission has always been to develop and manufacture top of the line products for various industries, offering non-traditional alternative chemistry with a focus on environmental compliance and effectiveness with a conscience. As Enviro Tech continues to grow and expand, the primary focus continues to be customer service and technical support.

We are one of the few manufacturers of peracetic acid in the United States, and we maintain four parent EPA-registered PAA formulas and three FDA approved PAA formulas which are manufactured and distributed from: Modesto, CA; Helena, AR; and Joliet, IL. In addition, we manufacture stabilized bromine products at our Modesto facility.

Combined with a GLP compliant analytical and Q.C. laboratory, we are staffed to perform nearly any service on analysis that may be required by our varied customers.

Enviro Tech has been granted FCN#1419 for our FDA approved peracetic acid products. Effective May 23, 2014, Enviro Tech's peracetic acid products can be used at up to 2000 ppm post main chiller (air or water), secondary processing, pre-air chiller dip tanks, and post-main water chiller systems.